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Spring is nature's way of saying "Let's Party" and also it's my favorite time of the year!! Seeing all of the beautiful flowers bloom in all different colors is super beautiful to me, and I'm also trying to become a plant mom lol.

When spring comes around, the sun peeps out a little more consistently. I see the world around me becoming bright, full of color and more alive! We should be reminded that God always gives new beginnings in life. We should be thankful for new seasons and closed doors, as they often guide us to the right one. No matter what we may be dealing with at the moment, we can choose to treat our lives like springtime and blossom. When we feel overwhelmed and things may not be going as planned, think about how all things have seasons...a new beginning. Spring is a time for blossoming and becoming colorful and beautiful again. Although there may have been a season of setbacks, spring adds new beauty! Let's continue to show kindness to one another and choose to be optimistic!

Always remember to start each day with a grateful heart and no matter what life may throw at you, it's always a beautiful day to be alive!! YOU GOT THIS!!

Share some ways you plan to focus on shifting your thoughts. What are some things you will incorporate, for yourself and/or for others, as you meditate on new beginnings in every area of your life. A few things I plan to continue to do are blocking out more time for the ones I love, doing a random act of kindness daily, incorporate more reading, and scheduling at least 15 minutes of "me time" a day.



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