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My Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day is a day when moms should have the right to do whatever they want, and that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be obligated to spend your entire day with the kids. This year I decided to dedicate and devote the weekend to doing what I wanted to do. Saturday started with my kids making my fave go to breakfast which was eggs, bacon, a vegan bagel and a cup of coffee and it was deliciouso! I spent the rest of the morning pouring up candles (gotta get those orders out, lol). The rest of the day was filled with devotion, hitting the gym, a much needed hair care appointment at this awesomely relaxing salon ARCHItexture, followed by a mani/pedi (because It's always a good day to get a mani/pedi!). I ended the day with a cup of Honey Citrus Mint tea at Starbucks followed by a hot shower, a Kokoann Scented Candle and Lifetime movies until I fell asleep.

For Mother's Day I decided to take my mom to lunch. We hopped in a Lyft and headed to the French Quarters for a good time! I made reservations at GW Fins and it was a great experience! It's located just off Bourbon Street and is a definite dining destination anytime you visit New Orleans. As soon as we entered, we were immediately greeted. I loved the fact that they gave all the moms a red rose, which was thoughtful and unexpected.

GW Fins has become one of my favorite restaurants to visit! Our waitress was extremely nice and explained the menu to us in detail. We were also given the best biscuits paired with the best butter...ya'll, these biscuits were so moist with so much flavor...the butter just took it to a whole nother level! As a carb junkie, I could have just ate biscuits the entire time!

We started with drinks and appetizers. We decided on Lobster Dumplings and they were so good! Since my mom let me know in advance it was communion day at church, she opted for water instead of a glass of wine. I on the other hand, opted for a really good Fins Cosmo that was a mixture of Grey Goose L'Orange, cranberry juice & Cointreau because I'm more of a fruity cocktail kinda gal.

After our biscuits, appetizers, and drinks, we ordered the main course. I ordered Scalibut, which is a GW Fins original and a very popular dish. The scalibut was moist with thinly sliced sea scallops on top with royal red shrimp risotto, snow peas and pea shoot butter. My mom ended up getting the Parmesan Crusted Flounder that was topped with jumbo lump crab, a side of asparagus, crispy capers with charred Meyer lemon beurre blanc.

Overall, the experience was nothing short of amazing. The staff was awesome, attentive, and the service that was given was exceptional from beginning to end!

The drinks and food did not disappoint.

I ended the day with my kids, my g-baby, and extended kids, taking me bowling. I really enjoyed it because it's rare that we all have the chance to be together. We decided to team